FaceApp Apk Download Latest Version v10.3.1

Do you love spending time on social media and sharing your photos? And especially when it comes to following the trend, we all love to try them instantly. Now following a trend is not that easy. You need a different app to get the right effect. However, it is hard to find an appropriate app if you are accepting a TikTok or Instagram challenge. Besides, if you do not use the appropriate app, you will not get the desired result and lose the challenge. That is why I am presenting you the FaceApp Apk.

FaceApp Apk

Several photo editing apps exist on Play Store and other app stores. Again, many app creators have websites where they release their apps as a third party. But here I want to tell you about FaceApp Apk because it has more exceptional features than others.

What is FaceApp?

FaceApp is a unique app that will allow altering your entire appearance. As the name suggests, the app works on a model’s face, not for real but on the photograph. For example, suppose you are 20 and want to share your story status and how you will look 20 years later. Again, suppose you are a boy and want to see how you will look as a girl.

The app provides amazing filters that will not only modify your image but also change your entire appearance. But this is not what you will only get from FaceApp Apk. While other apps reduce the image quality while editing, the FaceApp app will enhance the quality and develop your image to its best.


Background of FaceApp

The app was on the internet in February 2017 by FaceApp Technology Ltd. However, it took time to accept the app to the audience because the trend of changing faces was not that popular back then. But every good thing takes time. But the publishers never lost hope and continuously upgraded the features. And within a few years, the app and its features have blown up the entire internet.

In social media, this face-changing trend is getting popular, and people are continuously accepting the challenge. On the other hand, if you are a photography blogger, you know unusually photos can make you and your blog famous. That is why people who are active on social media and create photography content use FaceApp Apk.

What makes FaceApp Apk different from others?

Finding a reliable app that will allow you to edit your image is very difficult. In general, the App, FaceApp Apk, lets you use its ultimate tools to change your appearance and see yourself in different scenarios. A photo editing app will generally let you change the background, crop, adjust brightness, contrast, warmth saturation, and shadow, and allow you to apply different filters and effects to your photo. Again, a few apps come with professional-level beauty retouching tools like Adobe Photoshop to retouch your photo. For example, you can retouch your face and enhance your beauty with Retouch, Face Shape, Blemish, Wrinkle, Dark Circles, Reshape, and Makeup tools. But none of these apps will allow you to change the whole appearance.

FaceApp Apk

It will allow you to change the colour of your hair and eyeballs, your age and gender, and your impression and style. The inbuilt Selfy tool will let you take amazing Selfy, allowing you to take amazing photos for your DP.

Features of FaceApp Apk –

We already told you several unique photo editing tools, and features are present in FaceApp Apk. And these features distinguished the app from other photo editing apps.

  • Easy Interface- The app’s interfaces are so easy that even a beginner can use it and change its appearance with a few clicks.
  • Unique Editing Tools- We have already told you that the app is full of unique photo editing tools, and the tools will change your entire appearance.
  • High Quality- The App works great with every type of photo. Especially the unique feature of the app will not reduce the quality of your photo; in many cases, the app enhances the quality.
  • Multiple filters and effects- There are multiple filters and effects available on the app that you can use to modify your image without changing your appearance. However, the app is mainly used by people to change their appearances.
  • Easy Background Removing Tools– The App has an inbuilt tool that will allow you to remove your photo’s original background and attach some new to the photography.
  • Crop Option- The App has a unique crop option that will allow you to crop your photo according to the ratio of social media. For example, you can crop your photo and make 1:1, 16:9, and many more. You can use the app to edit photos for your YouTube blog.
  • Requirements- The App is only 47 MB and is compatible with almost all Android mobile devices. If you want to run it on your pc, then you can use it. We will guide you through the entire process here in this blog.
  • Hair Color Changing Tools:-We usually do not get an app that will allow us to change our hair color to look natural. Most of the apps let us use wig-type unreal animated Stricker. They are fun to use but do not look real or let you achieve what you want. But FaceApp Apk will allow you to change the color of your hair your color and let you get what you want.
  • Style Changing Tool:-This special tool will allow you the style of your hair. For example, if you have short hair, you make it long, and if you have long hair, it will make your hair long. Imagen how your friends and followers will get shocked by these sudden changes. That is why FaceApp Apk is best for you and your Facebook and Instagram profiles.
FaceApp Apk
  • Age Changing Tool:-You may have seen many YouTube Shorts where people share celebrities’ reels and photos of different ages. For example, “How will celebrities look in their old age?”. Now you might get curious many times because how a person can predict the look of the celebrities. But the magic of FaceApp Apk allows you to change your age in a photo. Now it is upon you that you want to change your age or someone else’s. But both are fun, for sure.
  • Beard & Mustache:-you can add a beard and Mustache to your face according to your choice. This particular tool is very beneficial for Makeup artists and movie casting crews. Because by adding and removing different beards and Mustaches, they can easily identify which look will go with the model’s personality. But even if you are not one of them and just a social media user, you can still use the tool to the fullest.
  • Expression Changing Tool:-Honestly, I have no clue that technology has gone that far. I mean, what kind of app can change your expression? I mean, suppose you have clicked someone’s photo while they were not smiling. You can make the model of the photo smiling. Again, you can also make a face cry just for fun. I recently spotted a video on YouTube where someone created a video of all the Kardashian crying on the Met Gala’s red carpet. It was really fun to watch this kind of video. And the good part is you can do that too using FaceApp Apk.
  • Gender Changing Tool:-Now this one is crazy; how can I change my gender? Once, one of my childhood friends shocked me with a photo of his twin sister, who looks exactly like him. I never knew that he had a twin sister, but later, he disclosed his secrets. And guess what? He was using FaceApp Apk.
  • Colour Effects:-The Color effect of FaceApp Apk will not give your photo a normal shade of color tone. If you are a photographer, then you know the magic of colors. Now generally, their tons are divided into two types, Warm colors (red, orange, and magenta are included in this type), and the other one is Cold colors (blue, violet and other shade of blue are included in this type). Now the tone is very important for a photograph. And change the appearance of your photo. Professional photographers only balance the photo’s tone and click amazing photos.
  • Add Magic Touch:-Now, I do not know if you will believe it, but this app can make you hot. FaceApp APK has a special feature that can make you hot. And the app is called Hot feature. The app will enhance your skin, make your jawline look stunning, and add some symmetry so that you look stunning. Imagine how flawless celebrities look every time they shoot for a cover. Now they have a full team of editors who do that for them, and you have FaceApp Apk to do that with a few touches.
  • Unlimited Filters:-The FaceApp will allow you to use an unlimited number of filters. Now I do not use filters, so I cannot tell you about them in brief, but I can tell you about my little tricks. I mainly adjust the white balance, and saturation controls the shadow and control noise by adjusting the color of the photo. And this little process gives me a photo like a professional digital camera.
  • Hollywood Filter:-The Hollywood filters will allow you to give your image a unique Hollywood-type touch. But this one is also available for FaceApp Apk. However, do not think that regular FaceApp Apk has not any filter. There are several filters you can add to your pictures as well.

These are the common features you can use with FaceApp Apk, and if you want more features, you can go with premium.

All Versions of FaceApp Apk

Unlike other apps that never fix their issues and completely ignore users’ bad experiences, FaceApp Apk tries to fix all the issues. The publishers released 5 upgraded versions and fixed all the issues according to the user’s suggestions. They are here-

  • Version 10.3.1- This is the current FaceApp Apk, and this one has included some additional changes. This new update has provided confirmation alerts while you close a tool so that you do not lose any photo modification. That means you will not lose any data accidentally.
  • Version 10.2.5- In this version, publishers added six more languages; Greek, Hungarian, Swedish, Czech, Croatian and Slovak. The app has also fixed several other issues.
  • Version The version included several features in the crop option. For example- it has a slope configuration, Mirroring option for customization. The save screen opening animation has been upgraded.
  • Version 10.2.4- Here, publishers have updated the background tool. With this version, you can add custom colors, reshape the image, rotate the frame, and many more.

Knowing about an app is not enough; you need to know the download and installation process.

How to download and install FaceApp Apk?

The app is only for android users; however, other OS users can also use it by allowing “Unknown Sources” in their app. Now, if you are an android user, follow these simple steps to download and install FaceApp Apk on your android devices.

For Android Users

  • Go to Google Play Store Manually and search for FaceApp: Face Editor.
  • Now click on the install button and let it download and install manually.
  • You can also click on this link to download it directly from Google Play Store: FaceApp.
  • Wait until the app is installed.
  • Once done, you will be able to use the app normally.

For iOS users

If you are an iOS user yet love to explore the google app, then you can use our little secret and enjoy FaceApp Apk.

  • Open the “App Store” app on your iPhone.
FaceApp Apk iOS users
  • At the bottom of the right side, tap on the search button.
  • Now search for FaceApp
  • Tap on the Get Option.
  • Now Tap to Install the app.
  • Enter your Apple ID password and sign in to the account.
  • Now, wait for the app to install.
  • Once it is done, tap to open the app.
  • Now your FaceApp Apk is ready to use.

Again, you can also do that if you want to edit your photos on a bigger screen.

How to install FaceApp Apk on PC?

Now downloading and installing an app on your pc is easier than installing software; all you need is an emulator.

Here we will install BlueStacks 5 to use FaceApp Apk on our PC.

How to download and install BlueStacks on a PC?

Now install BlueStacks 5 on your Windows 7/8/10.

  • First, click on this link and download BlueStacks 5.
  • Once the download is done, run the installation.
  • When it is done, the emulator will launch automatically.
  • Now emulator will automatically take you to the home screen of BlueStacks.
  • It is time to set up your Google Account in BlueStacks 5.
  • Once you are done, it is ready to use.

Knowing about the installation is not enough. Before even downloading BlueStacks, you have to know about system requirements.

System requirements for Blue Stacks 5

Minimum System Requirements-

  • OS- Windows 7/8/10/11.
  • Processor- Intel/ AMD.
  • RAM- 4 GB.
  • HDD- 5 GB disk space.

Before you install the Blue Stacks log in to your PC using the Administrator profile. Your graphics driver should be updated.

Recommended Configuration

  • OS- Windows 10.
  • Processor- Intel/AMD multi-core processor.
  • Graphics card- Intel/Nvidia/ATI.
  • RAM- 8 GB
  • HDD Space- 10 GB hard disk space with SSD/Fusion? Hybrid Drives.
  • Steady Internet Connection.

Now check the requirement, download and install Blue Stacks on your System. After installation, Blue Stacks will be launched automatically.

How to Install Face App Apk using Blue Stack?

It is easy to download and install Face App Apk using Blue Stack because you can find the app directly on the Google Plays store, so you do not have to download it from any website and then continue the installation.

Now follow these easy steps and install FaceApp.

  • Once Blue Stacks 5 is launched, go to the dashboard.
  • Now click on the Play Store and open it.
  • Now in the search bar, type the name “faceapp”.
  • Click on it and hit on the “Install” button.
  • Once the installation is completed, you will see the app icon on the dashboard.
  • Now open the app and use it on your PC.
Install bluestacks

FaceApp Apk-

Though the app is free for all users, the publishers have also introduced a paid version. The paid version of the app will allow you to skip the ads. The purchased version will allow you to enjoy all the exclusive features. Now, if you want to enjoy it too, then instead of FaceApp Apk, download the Face App apk file from the official website.

But remember, if you want to enjoy the FaceApp apk on your PC, you have to download the file from the official website and then open it with the Blue Stacks to install it.

The other procedures are the same, no matter your device or OS.

Pros & Cons

The app has many features, but everything has some benefits and drawbacks.


  • Easy.
  • Available on Google Play.
  • Amazing Features.
  • Smaller in size.
  • Compatible with almost all Android devices.
  • Hundreds of interesting tools.
  • Regular updates.
  • Bugs and viruses free.
  • Free.
  • High-quality images.


  • The free app comes with a lot of ads.
  • Some features are not available only for FaceApp Apk.
  • FaceApp Apk is only available on the official website.
  • No watermark is only available for FaceApp Apk.
  • The app comes under some safety concerns.
  • Lack of Privacy.

Price of FaceApp Apk

Though FaceApp Apk is free, you can download it from the Google Play Store. But if you want to access all the app’s features, you must go for the FaceApp Pro. That is the paid version and is only available on the official website. The FaceApp Pro provides three plans though all of them provide the same features. However, the access time varied according to the price.

  • Lifetime Plan- The lifetime plan will allow you to use the FaceApp Pro Apk for as long as you want. It will cost you $39.99.
  • Yearly Plan- This plan will allow you to use the app for the year by paying just $19.99.
  • Monthly Plan- This plan will let you use the app for only 30 days for just $ 3.99.

Privacy & Safety

Since the app was released, many people have accused it of threatening their privacy. Russian Developers make the app, which may be why few users are concerned about the app. However, others are absolutely fine with the app and its privacy policies.

Although the terms and conditions of the app say that the app has the right to use the photos altered by the app for commercial use, it also the data of the users are collected and stored on the official website server. However, the authority has declined all the accusations and stated that users’ stored data are not for sale or shared. And to assure its loyalty towards the users, the app finally uses U.S based companies AWS and Google Cloud for storage and processing.

FaceApp For Kids

But if your kids are using the app, then you should be concerned. The app, though, does not allow kids to use it, but if a kid is 13+, then they can use the app under the guidance of their parents or guardians. The free app comes with many ads, some of which can violate the code of conduct. In that case, it is better to purchase the app and let your kid use it because the purchased app removes all the ads.

How FaceApp receive its popularity?

It concerned many people how FaceApp became so popular after many years of release. FaceApp has been downloaded and used by millions of people over the last few months. But it is probably because Hollywood stars are using the app to join the trend. That includes several big stars like Drake, Jonas Brothers, LeBron James, and Zachary Levi. Even famous influencers are also following the trends.

And as a result, the app is facing massive popularity. Business Insider has recently declared that almost 65,000+ new users have joined FaceApp Apk in a single day. And since July 10, the number of downloads has crossed 13 million already, and it is continuously growing.

Terms & Conditions of the FaceApp Apk

FaceApp Apk applies several terms and conditions. They are given below.

  • Age Limits- To use the app, the users must be 13 years old or more than that. If you are not more than 18 years, then you will only be allowed to use the app under the supervision of your parents and guidance.
  • User Account- The user must use their verified email id and phone number. But if you log in using any third-party platform like social media, you must confirm that any other person does not use your social media account.
  • Content- Users can use the app to create, post, store and share content like modified images, videos, messages, text, software, and other materials. But users are not allowed to share any user-generated filters.
  • Prohibited Conduct and Content- If the authority finds a user doing any of these acts, then the FaceApp Apk authority has the right to block the app immediately.

They are-

  • Any content includes matters of harassment, threat, intimidation, predatory, or stalking.
  • Attempt to use someone else’s account with permission.
  • If the user damage, disable, overburden or impair the function of the service.
  • Bypass any services that are not included in the package.
  • Using any third-party application without permission of the authority.
  • Using the services for illegal and unauthorized acts.

Final Verdicts

Now I know that you are getting a little confused after reading my FaceApp Apk review. But my concern is to let you know everything about the app. Apart from all the pros and cons, the app has some amazing features. Though the app has faced some bad publicity, the authority has already solved the issues, and now it is used by celebrities and billions of people worldwide.